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Gold Jewelry in Ancient Egypt

Gold is the softest and most malleable of metals. It occurs naturally in its metallic change can be incorporated into complex shapes with the simplest of bronze, legs or wood tools. First time it was coveted for its sparkling golden color that many people believed to be sacred or magical powers. And from the first, it was created jewelry adornment.

Egypt produces 80% of the metal in question in ancient times. Colonized Nubia for its mining of metals and invented. One of the earliest surviving maps of the old concern shows the location of Egyptian metal mines, some of which reaches a depth of 300 feet. Nubian mines only produced more than 4 million pounds of gold. In ancient Egypt, the metal was strictly part of the sacred sphere, but the Egyptians began to use their metals to increase its noesis and manipulate its allies. Near Eastern Kings, who had no local sources, continues to call on Egypt in search of gold. Sending large amounts of gold, more metal than was sent to my father in my brother’s real estate sector, the metal is as abundant as dust, is declared king of Mitanni Tshratta. Instead, they sent the spices and other goods, the boyfriend of his daughters and the promise of support and alliance.

By the second half of the 3 millennium BC, Egypt was a rotating metal rings weights accepted the money. Middle Kingdom, 2040-1730BC, marks the highlight of their performance in the Egyptian jewelry. Ajour chasing repoussee, decoration CLOISONS and granularity were used. A cylindrical container, an amulet from 1900 BC to the early shows granulation welded with a silver-rich alloy. This time the jewelry was purchased to develop features amuletic, social, and decorative. And ‘interesting to note that silver was rarer and more prestigious of the metal, because it had to be imported.

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