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Useful Fashion Advice for Short People

Short people will have a difficult time looking good when they dress. To be fair, this is mostly their fault rather than the fault of the clothes. A lot of them choose to wear garments which are not really complimentary to their stature and, in fact, get them to stand out to be short. This can be remedied, however. Here are some tips that are very subtle and forces you to appear taller.

1. Wear tighter clothing

By tight you should not imagine clothes which completely stick to your skin. Fitted clothing does help bring out the natural curves of your body which can create a slimming effect which, in turn, making you appear taller. If you wear loose clothing, you appear to be wider than you actually are and this is not doing you any favors if you are short.


2. Wear dark colors

Before of creating a slimming effect that makes you look taller, this tip works about the same principle as. That is why you should look to wear dark colors such as black or gray or navy blue. These colors are considered to be very fashionable, anyway, so you simply will not have trouble finding great clothing over these colors,. That’s the good news. If you would like enhance the effect, you can combine the two and wear fitted, dark clothing.


3. Wear vertical stripes

Stripes have often been named as having the capability to make you look taller or thinner as they are very good at creating this illusion. Vertical stripes are particularly good at giving you the extra length you want.

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