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The Jenners on Keek

Keek is a free online social networking site built for people who express themselves the original way. There are many sites that claim to be social networking sites but none of them are equal to Keek. Here the posts and comments are more original and personal because they are all video clips mainly. It is a way of talking back with actual actions rather than just texting stuff. This original way of expressing themselves on social networking sites give it a more personal look. Since they concentrate mainly on videos, the site is also called the mini version of the YouTube and twitter of videos.


People with real talent can exhibit their skills in videos which are then streamed online on keek, within a few days such talents can get recognized easily and achieve a famed status. Keek is also a boon for business oriented people who can easily promote or market their newest products with small videos that can conjure up more clients for them and also help to acquire services. There are also plenty more that you can do on keek. Staying in touch with family members and making sure they take part in all the important events by keeping them posted with videos is one such thing to do.


On keek you can also find your favorite celebrities online and be a part of their lives as you comment on keeks and post reply in videos. The cast of the TV show “Catching up with the Kardashians” are also present on keek and have a huge fan following. Fans can view videos of Kylie Jenner on keek and also comment on her exquisite sense of style and stunning beauty. They can also post their thoughts on the beautiful model Kendal Jenner and her videos. Khloe Kardashian also enjoys actively interacting with fans on keek.

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