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Splurge your eyes with the quality primer

eyeshadowTo ensure that the eye shadows stay longer, using an eye shadow primer is the best solution. This will help in keeping the makeup intact all day long. Sweating, blinking and humidity put an end to all the efforts that you did in doing an eye makeup. To make sure that your make up does not crease and fade away, it is necessary to find the best primer for your base. If you are into using all the bright colors for a makeup, applying a base will save you from all the trouble. You will get a better color pay off when using the best quality eye shadow base. Instead of sitting on the skin, the colors will sit on the base which will allow to showcase the true color you are wearing on your eyes.

Splurging an eye shadow base is always better as it provides a long lasting hold on the makeup. When you apply the makeup on top of the base, it gives a better look to your eyelids too. A good primer enhances the beauty of the eyelids along with the eyes. You will only need a tiny amount of primer to settle your eye makeup. Be sure to close the lid of the bottle after every use so that the primer does not get dried up. This will help in lasting the use of primer for quite a long time. If the lids of your primer are too oily, invest in the higher ends of primer. This will not allow creasing at the base of the bottle. However, various brands release many kinds of primers that are best suited for everyday use. They can work wonders, even for a temporary use. The bottles with temporary lids can also prove effective for an hour or two’s use. In the end, it is always up to you to choose what best suits your need.

The affordable eyeshadow primer provides a blend of powder and cream so that the makeup looks more fresh and brilliant. It will not fade away even if you want to keep all day long. To get a firmer grip on all the eye makeup that you wear applies the primer to look gorgeous all day long. The bottle works like the genie in a bottle. The silicon content will make their application smooth and silky. There is a nude invisible base available in the market that will not allow the lines to crease and keep it well defined. They are perfectly blend able and will allow a color drenched effect after application. It will melt down to your skin perfectly until you take off the makeup. The base helps in maintaining an even skin tone and will brighten the entire eyes. Drink a plenty of water so that your skin does not get dehydrated after applying rigorous make up. The smooth canvas touch of the primer will be not be beaten by any other foundation base. Such is the beauty that it provides.

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Owen Ormsley together with beauty expert Violet Mendez about eyeshadow primer application. Read this post and create unique makeup for any occasion.


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