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Pirate fancy dress costume

Yo Ho Hear Me Links! We all love a party swaggering pirate costumes. It is easy to buy the costumes, whether online or create your own from old clothes.

Buy your pirate costume – If you want a real pirate fancy dress, buy your costume online. They are a good price, well done and you will find many choices. You can choose from a humble rogue pirates, Captain Hook or a real obligation to Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. They come with belts, buckles, pants and jackets. Check the costume comes with accessories such as hats and pirate swords. Generally, the price will determine what is included. Boots is an extra, but some garments have boot covers to wear over your normal shoes.

Make your pirate costume – If you can find clothes that do not, you can easily create your own pirate costume. All you need is a pair of old trousers and a shirt. If you have nothing suitable, check your local charity shops.

Panties – Make pants from an old pair of pants. Black or gray is ideal, but any color will do. Cut the pants off just below the knee, leaving enough fabric on board. Turn up the hem, or by sewing or using a strip of cloth. Most supermarkets or online stores will stock a band is specially designed for the presentation. Use a wide leather black belt, or make a frayed piece of rope.

Shirt – white shirts look great and give you his Captain Jack Sparrow costume look, but not color shirt will work well. Wear a shirt that is at least one or two sizes larger than normal wear. Shred tattered shirt and mixed with cut wrists or three quarter sleeves. Cut the neck. Let the raw edges or wear Neaten turn. Wear the shirt into pants to flow in or to lose.

Pirates are represented by heavy black eyes, so use eye makeup remover to capture the look dark, unsettling for pirates. Wearing a black eye patch and a long black curly wig. Barbas and stains add a touch of class, but are optional. Not all pirates have beards!

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