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Does Anyone Make Tween Skin Care Products?

With the hormonal changes during the teen years come mood swings, drama and dreaded pimples. By starting a skincare regimen while your child is still a tween, you can ensure that your daughter has beautiful, clear skin through her teen years and beyond. Tween skin care products are designed for your daughters specific skin care needs at this point in her life and are the best means to help her create better skin tomorrow. Here are a few tips to help you choose products for your preteen daughter.

Teach your daughter to apply sunscreen each morning. Protecting the skin is the first step to clear skin. Pick an oil-free sunscreen with a strength of SPF 15 or higher. Remember to tell her to reapply every two hours.

2. Choose products without harsh chemicals or too many ingredients. Young skin is very sensitive, so basic products are better for cleaning and soothing her skin. Harsh products may even cause acne breakouts. Instead, pick lightweight, fragrance-free facial products.

3. Don’t pile on too many products. Give your daughter a cleanser and a moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning and a cleanser with a moisturizer at night. If you keep the steps simple, your daughter is more likely to remember.

4. Try mixing and matching products to find the best option for your daughter. For example, if her moisturizer is too heavy and greasy, try a lighter alternative.

5. Add a topical acne medication as soon as your daughter hits puberty or you start to see acne forming. Tween acne is generally too mild to warrant oral medication. However, avoid benzoyl because tweens don’t yet need to combat the heavy oil production of older teens. In tweens, benzoyl may just irritate the skin. Try salicylic acid or any other non-benzoyl alternative. These are great options for combating tween blackheads and whiteheads.

6. Tell your daughter not to scrub or rub at her face when she’s cleaning. This will only irritate her skin and cause acne or other blemishes.

7. The tween years are usually when girls become interested in makeup, but it is important that you choose products that are appropriate for her skin. Look for products that say “non-comedogenic” on the label. This means that these products will not clog your daughter’s pores, keeping her acne-free.

8. If your tween’s skin has moderate to severe acne or severe dryness, redness or peeling, consult a dermatologist. A professional will be able to evaluate your child’s skin and provide customized advice.

While tweens may not struggle with the stubborn acne that afflicts older teens, it is still important that preteens develop good skincare habits for later in life. These great recommendations will help create effective skincare routines, help in the treatment of acne for teens, and keep your daughter’s skin healthy and glowing for years to come.

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