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Choosing The Best Suits For Your Body Type

You have just joined a new job and you need new suits from local stores. In fact, your new office has a mandatory formal wear policy in which nearly everyone wears great suits.  You do have suits but they are not really up to the standard that everyone else seems to be wearing. Are there any tips that will help you out?

Choosing a good suit from suit stores

1. Fit — The suit should fit you perfectly and now almost all ready-made suits are made to custom fit certain body types. We recommend that you try out the suits and look at yourself in the mirror. When you wear your jacket, it should give you a full range of motion. The jacket should not hang up from behind and you should be able to fit a finger between the collar of your shirt and your neck to ensure a good fit. The cuffs of your shirt should not pull upward when you move your hands and your cuffs should poke out about 1-2 cms from the jacket sleeve.

2. Body type — For short people, single-breasted suits are the best but double-breasted jackets are ideal for larger men. If you have a wide girth, a jacket with a lower button and a higher placket is better. If possible, get in touch with the store professional to help you choose a good Atlanta suit.

3. Fabric — The choice is endless here but wool is usually the best fabric for drape and fit. If you can find cotton, linen, cotton-poly blends, etc you can try them out but they might not be ideal for office wear or for formal occasions. For luxurious occasions, cashmere, silk and cotton-silk mixes are perfect.

4. Cost vs. brands — Cheap is not bad and expensive is not always good. We recommend you start with budget brands and companies and try out the suits. If you like the fit and fall, then you can easily go for cheap suits. If you cannot find an affordable suit, you can then move on to brands like Prada, Reid&Tayloretc to get the best bang for your buck.

5. Details — Just because you are buying ready made does not mean you have to pick up the very first think you get. For example, check your suit for flower loops, hand-stitched sleeve linings, hand-finished interior pockets, hidden pockets, fine linings, vented pleats, fitted pants, cuffs, etc.

6. Accessories — Just the suit is not enough, as accessories are required to make a suit pop. For example, you will need good shoes, a beautiful matching tie, pocket squares, beautiful watches, cuff links, tie pins, etc. Stores usually do have everything as matching sets and the sets are affordable.

Do not go overboard and buy every suit on the market, as this will break your budget completely. Suit styles tend to change rapidly and it is a good idea to wait for annual sales. You can then invest in two or three new suits every year as they are marked down during the sale.


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