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Wedding Sari: Exclusive Possessions by Indian Women

The Indian bride is bold, confident and wants her personality to reflect through what she wears, even when the garment in question is the wedding dress! An Indian bride looks best in Sari as it bestows a unique charm and grace to her. The style of saris differs from one state to another in India. In the eastern part of India, different types of silk saris are famous that include Baluchari, Kantha Silk, Ikat Silk, Cuttacki Silk, Sambalpuri Silk, Bomkai Silk, Tussar Silk, etc. And if you come to the wedding in the western parts of India, you will be fascinated to see the bridal sari styles of Pathani, Bandhani, Kota Dori, Lugade, etc. In central India Chanderi, Maheshwari and Kosa silks are popular. And in the southern parts of the country Kanjivaram, Mysore Silk, Valkalam Saris, etc are much in vogue. Indians usually opt for sizzling red color sari on traditional silk or benarsi base as this color is considered to be auspicious for the marriage. However many other Indian women have fondness for several other colors and fabrics. Some of the saris are bedecked with superb embroidery work, stone work as well as several other decorations. For example in the state of Kerala, a wedding Sari is embellished with golden embroidery on silk base.

Indian bridal saris also have the reputation of being heavy in weight specially the ‘Banarsi sari’ that used to be in vogue and it was almost ritualistic for a bride to wear a Banarsi sari on her wedding. But times have changed; many families opt for much lighter saris such as silk and crepe. Even the patterns on the fabrics have now become trendier. Some women even opt to go with designer bridal saris that would be only one of its kind and these could even come with Swarovski crystals stitched on the body.

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