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Top Anaheim Tuxedo Trends of 2013

Renting a tuxedo is simple. All you have to do is find an international rental chain that also has a local Anaheim tuxedo rental store. However, it is not enough just to rent a tuxedo, as you need to find a style and pattern that will suit the event and your body type. If you are renting for the first time, we have a several tips that will help you choose the perfect trendy tuxedo for any body type or event.

The classic fit — Imagine Daniel Craig in Skyfall and you have an immediate picture of classic tuxedo styles. Classic tuxedos fit nearly every body type as they are the least fitted and they are very common. This style consists of single breasted suits with only one button and a deep V shaped cut in the front. Some models also have double breasted coats but single button is the most suitable for almost any body type.

The shawl tux — This is another classic style that you might have seen in movies. However, modern designers have interpreted the classic shawl style to create a single smooth lapel made from stain. The lapel is smaller, smoother, the jacket usually has a single button, and it is combined with flat front trousers. This jacket usually falls flat and it drapes well to the body creating a slimmer fit and a leaner silhouette.

Dark blue or midnight blue tuxedos — Now this style has become very popular with men. The design is also commonly seen on red carpet in a range of luxurious fabrics.  Almost all trends have the material and pant made in dark blue but with lapels made in dark black. The lapels may be single breasted or double-breasted depending on choice. This is usually combined with flat front trousers with a slim fit.

Gray and white tuxedos — In the last decade, styles and preferences have changed considerably. Designers have come up with gray silk, cashmere and wool jackets that are perfect for formal occasions. The gray tuxedo is usually fully gray but the white tuxedo is combined with black pants to create a formal appearance.

Three piece tuxedos — This is a very formal suit and a little difficult to carry off. This type of tuxedo consists of a jacket, the waistcoat and the trousers. This classic style is great for weddings and formal occasions but it does require you to have a slim fit body for maximum style.

If you do not want to stick to the classic or conventional styles, you will easily find unconventional styles as designers make trendy innovative styles for almost every body type. If you aren’t sure of how these designs look like, we recommend going online to Google the styles and the images will provide an instant idea of the fit and style. You should know though that Hollywood stars custom-make their tuxedos and these styles might not fit your body type. Use the images to pick styles but make sure you try on the tuxedo at the local Anaheim tux rental store to ensure fit and styling.


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