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Variable phase contrast KFZ PZO for the microscope


Table subject with driver slides, microscope PZO


PZO DIC condenser MPI-3, ZS3 for polarization interference microscope


Eyepieces PZO 5x - 2 pieces, for microscope


NOS! PZO Nomarski DIC Kit MPI-3 with lenses, condenser, objectives and eyepieces


1,25x binocular head, PZO microscope


PZO objective for DIC 10x 0.24 PI


NOS! lot of PZO phase contrast objectives 20X, 40X with adjustment key and scope


PZO dark field condenser 1.2-1.4 immersion for microscope


Lens 10/0,24 PhZ phase, PZO, for microscope


PZO negative phase contrast KFA for microscope (BIOLAR, MB30 ...)


PZO Microscope illuminator Lamp rare accessory


PZO Poland microscope BIOLAR support condenser + mount stage


PZO DIC accessories


NOS! Lot of 10X, 100X PZO microscope objectives


PZO 4 отверстий башни для микроскопа


PZO K3Ph Phase Contrast Mikroskop Phasenkontrast microscope condenser Leitz


PZO objective for DIC 20x 0.40 PI


Drawing nozzle PZO MNR-3 for a stereo microscope Mst 130, 131


Table subject with driver slides, microscope PZO, #2


PZO lens DIC 10x 0,24 PI 160/- for microscope


PZO BIOLAR microscope part for DOVETAIL MOUNT


PZO Achromat objective 20x 0,40 microscope BIOLAR / Zeiss


PZO объектив 5x 0,12 (160) микроскоп BIOLAR/Zeiss


PZO lens 20x0,4 PhZ 160/0,17 for k3phz microscope condenser (KFZ)


PZO lens 10x0,24 PhZ 160/- for k3phz microscope condenser (KFZ)


5x-Pzo цели 0.15 микроскоп biolar/Zeiss/LOMO


PZO Poland microscope support condenser




PZO objective for DIC 40x 0.65 PI


Mirror for PZO microscope


PZO eyepiece 10x SK (2 pcs) for a Microscope


PZO фазовый контраст PHZ ахромат объектив 10x 0,24 микроскоп BIOLAR/Zeiss


Microscope objective PZO Poland 40 x 0,65


PZO Achromat objective 10x 0,24 microscope BIOLAR / Zeiss


PZO ахромат объектив 10x 0,24 микроскоп BIOLAR/Zeiss